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We at Dr. Madhur’s Novaskinclinics believe in safe and effective skin and hair treatments .

  • Skin Treatments


Acne is a common and recurrent problem faced by many individuals. Treatment of acne depends obj the different types of acne . We , at Dr Madhur’s Novaskin clinic understand that every skin is different and customise the acne  management for every individual. These also include newest treatment like retinols and peels.

Acne Scars

Acne can leave behind disfiguring scars . Depending on the types of scars we provide the best of scar management like medical treatment, peels, skin polishing, microdermaabrasions, PRP therapy, derma pen, derma roller, mess therapy and Laser resurfacing.


We at Dr Madhur’s Novaskin clinic believe in graceful raging and hence we have come up with customised wholesome aproach to aging.  The therapies we choose depends on the the grades of ageing and includes everything from Physical peels, oxy peels, vampire facials, PRP, Dermapens, Microneedling with radio frequency, ultherapy, lasers facials, Botox , fillers and threads and many more

Pigmentation of face and body

We treat Pigementation on face and body with multiple novel medical therapies and series of advanced peels and lasers.

Anti-aging treatment-

  1.       Medt
  2.       Chemical peels
  3.       Lasers
  4.       Botox
  5.       Fillers
  6.       Threads

Hair Fall

We follow a thorough protocol of investigating the hair fall before any treatment, which may include the following

  1.      Medical treatment
  2.      Dermaroller
  3.      Derma pen
  4.      PRP (platelet rich plasma)
  5.      Hair transplant

And the choice of treatments depends on the extent and type of hairfall.

Laser Hair Reduction

With the help of most advanced technology of triple wavelength diode laser we are offering the best and safest hair reduction options.


Medifacials are the next big thing in skin care and are the only option when you want to pamper your skin and take care of any skin issues at the same time.

We offer a wide range of medifacials like

  1. Vampire facials,
  2. Oxy-peels
  3. Hydra-peels
  4. Skin polishing
  5. Light facials
  6. Serum infusion facials
  7. Diamond probe facials
  8. With our signature lymphatic massage

Psoriasis management

We provide newer wholesome approach to psoriasis with

  •   Medical treatment
  •   Long term therapeutics
  •   Light therapy
  •   Psychosocial counselling

Vitiligo management

Vitiligo can be managed well and we at Nova skin clinics have a multidiplinary approach for the same .

  1.     Medical treatment
  2.     Light therapies
  3.     Surgical management
  4.     Psychosocial help

Allergy testing

For patients with chronic allergic reactions we provide a detailed history round followed by patch testing that helps one understand the various causes of allergies.

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