Dr. Sharmila Kulkarni

Dr.Sharmila Kulkarni is a renowned paediatrician and neonatologist in nashik since the last 3 decades. Apart from general paediatrics, she specialises in neonatal intensive care of the seriously ill children and exchange transfusion procedures.

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She is trained at the Sion Hospital, Mumbai – One of the first and best institutes in the country following which she has worked at Stanford University – California, U. S. A. for advanced training in neonatology. She has received Gold Medal and James Flett Endowment Award for Research at the 28th National Conference in the Indian Academy of Pediatrics

She has successfully treated more than 10,000 premature babies with exceptional care and her in-depth knowledge and training in the field of neonatology. Numerous pediatric surgeries have been performed at our hospital under her supervision.

Hospitals Attached
  1. Sanjivan Hospital,Nashik.
  2. Nelson memorial paediatric Hospital,Nashik
  3. Army Hospital,Nashik.
  • MD Peadiatrics, Bombay University, Mumbai, India.
  • DCH Peadiatrics, College of physicians and surgeons, Mumbai, India.
  • MBBS, Bombay University, Mumbai,India.
Professional Memberships
    President Indian association of Paediatrics (Nashik).
  • Indian association of paediatrics. (Life member)
  • Nashik Paediatric association. (Life member)
Professional Experience
  1. Consultant paediatrician and Neonatologist Sanjivan Hospital,Nashik – 1991 till date.
  2. 2 months training in neonatology at the department of neonatology, Stanford university, California, USA.
  3. 2 years as a paediatric Registrar (Teaching post) at in LTMG Hospital,Mumbai, India.
  4. 1 and a half year house post in the department of paediatrics at LTMG Hospital, Mumbai, India.
  5. 1 year internship at the LTMG hospital ,Mumbai, India.
  1. International Journal of Dermatology, May 2019, “Catastrophic Antiphospholipid antibody Syndrome in a young child”
  2. Asian Journal of Paediatrics on “Kawasaki’s Disease”
  3. Thesis on ‘Methods of Breast milk Banking.

International Faculty :-

1.Talk – Podcast on “How to manage kids during Lockdown- a new Normal” by Nth Sense an Indo American NGO 2020.


National Faculty :-

1.Pedicon 2020- “ Functional Gastrointestinal Disease”

2.Pedicon 2019- “ Uncovering Problems around perineum in infants”
3.Pedicon 2018- “Asymptomatic Failure to thrive”.

4.Pedicon 2017- “ Intractable Diarrhoea”

5.IPEDIA 2017- “Designing special diets in disease conditions in children”
6.ACCORD PEDIA Conclave 2017- “Approach to a child with Asymptomatic Failure to thrive.”
7.CUTICON 2015(Dermatology Conference) –Guest Speaker “Dermatology in Pediatric ICU”
8.Guest Speaker – Athawale Research Foundation 2015-‘Vaccination in Special Conditions’
9.DIAP 2020 Conference- problems of perineum in childern


State Faculty :-

1.MahaPedicon 2019 – “Vaccination Dialogue – Migrain

2.MahaPedicon 2018- “Drug Interactions”

3.MahaPedicon 2017- “ Problem Period”

4.MahaPedicon 2016- “Skin – a mirror in office practice”  

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