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Partial knee replacement: 

In partial knee replacement only the damaged cartilage is resurfaced while all the ligaments and most of the normal cartilage is preserved.  

  • Advantages:
  1. Faster recovery and better function.
  2. Upto 75% of the natural knee preserved
  3. No muscles or ligaments cut.
  4. The knee feels “Natural”.
  5. Minimal blood loss.

Dr.Umesh Kulkarni is a pioneer of partial knee replacement in Maharashtra and has successfully done hundreds of partial knee replacements in the last 15 years.

Computer Navigated Total Knee Replacement:

In a total knee replacement the damaged knee cartilage is resurfaced enabling smooth pain free movement of the knee joint. Knee replacement is  one of the most rewarding surgery for the patient as It makes the patient pain free , independent and confident to live an active life.

At sanjivan hospital Dr.Umesh kulkarni and Dr.Ameya Kulkarni are highly skilled and trained in the field of knee replacement surgery and the most Advanced knee replacement surgery techniques with latest instrumentation like computer navigation are used here.

Hip replacement surgery:

Hip arthritis can be very painful and debilitating and can significantly affect a persons lifestyle. A hip replacement surgery is a life changing surgery in such scenarios enabling patients to go back to their active lifestyle without any pain or disability.

With over 5000 hip surgeries performed at sanjivan hospital under the leadership of Dr.Umesh and Dr.Ameya Kulkarni, Sanjivan hospital is one of the best hospital for hip replacement surgery in Maharashtra.

Revision knee and Hip replacement surgery:

At sanjivan hospital we perform a significant number of revision knee or hip replacement surgeries referred to us from various parts of north Maharashtra.

Joint Preservation procedures:  

At sanjivan hospital we perform various procedures like osteochondral graft transplant, High tibial osteotomy , Meniscus repairs in an attempt to preserve a natural joint and to delay or completely avoid a joint replacement surgery for our patients.

Non-Surgical Treatment of Joint Arthritis:

A large proportion of patients with early stage knee or hip Arthritis, a surgery is not required at all and a specialised exercise regime gives them excellent relief. At sanjivan Hospital Non-surgical modality of treatment is our first choice unless a surgery is absolutely necessary.

Arthroscopy and sports Medicine:

At sanjivan hospital we perform a large number of knee and shoulder arthroscopic ligament reconstructions in professional athletes and active individuals to ensure that’s they get back to peak physical performance as soon as possible. We have a dedicated physiotherapy and rehab centre to help these athletes and individuals achieve their peak fitness after a ligament reconstruction.

Fracture and complex Trauma Management:

Our Trauma team Headed By Dr. Umesh Kulkarni specialises in domestic and complex trauma like hip fractures, multiple bone fractures, compound fractures, peri-prosthetic fractures, Fracture in and around the joints etc. At Sanjivan hospital we have successfully completed more than 10,000 successful fracture fixation surgeries over the last 3 decades with a simple goal of making the patient pain free and go back to their pre- injury lifestyle as soon as possible.

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